“Don’t touch my knob!”

So, have you ever wondered what really goes on at an ISP headquarters?  I have, because I am currently experiencing some issues with my connection, and I am happy to inform you that I have spent some time looking into this matter and can now divulge the fruits of my labors.  If you remember correctly, my research consists mainly of grabbing a good cup of coffee, and finding a spot I can sit and stare off into spacelet my imagination run wild do some very intense research. After many hours of such strenuous activities, I have, over the years, come up with a multitude of solutions for many problems.  (Unfortunately for me, they never seem to be my own problems and when I try to share the vast wealth of knowledge to those I think could benefit, most of them are uninterested at best, downright mean at worst.)  Anyway, we are heading way off topic so lets regroup and get back to the issue at hand:  ISP misconduct.

ISP is usually accepted as the acronym for Internet Service Provider but I put forth the suggestion that it actually signifies: Internet Supply Prevention.  I do not come to this conclusion lightly, it has not yet been a year since I was in love with, and hailed the greatness of my personal ISP but over time, my affection has cooled somewhat. Here is my theory of how they work and what actually goes on behind the scenes. Continue reading