The Perception of Perfection

While walking out to my truck the other day after work, my attention was drawn to a disgusting white puddle in the alley.  As I stepped over it making sure not to get any on my shoes, I had to smile sheepishly to myself.  You see, I had accidentally created that white puddle earlier in the day. Continue reading

“I’m Thankful For…”

“My family”


“My sister”


“My house”


Just some of the things that the kids shared they were thankful for during our Thanksgiving party at Kid’s Club this week.  It was eye-opening for me to hear these kids mention some things that I often take for granted.  It is good that we have one day a year set aside to eat turkey and mashed potatoes, but I know I could do a better job of being thankful the other 364 days.  When I asked the kids what does thankfulness mean, Continue reading