the further testings of squarespace… this time on my iPad (v1 of course)

speaking of my iPad, I know we weren’t talking of my iPad, directly but I like to talk about it so I will: The new one is being released into the wild on friday so maybe I can run out on Saturday morning and get one. What will I do with my old, or should I say vintage/original, iPad? I will bestow it to my wife as a memento of our affection. (let the records show that I was going to buy her one back when they came out a year ago and offered to buy her a new version 2 this weekend but she was very adamant that she would rather have my old one with one caveat: she wants a keyboard dock) so… I will of course give into her wants and wishes once again.

Changes and Themes

What is a pulse? acording to my site (or as my little 4 year old calls it: zanga zite.) I have no pulse. As I sit here typing, I can distinctly feel my internal pump doing its thing. I think I would know immediately if it wasn’t. But really, what is the big deal with changing things up on xanga? didn’t everything work just great the way it was? Now, when I try to sneak online and check out all the other sites out there, I have a strong sense of peer pressure to change the “theme” on my site so that I do not appear to be stuck in the dark ages. But here I am learning about remixing themes and backgrounds and something called a module. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for new technology and such, but I am just not much of a designer. Take for example clothes if you will, before I was married, a pair of jeans and any old shirt worked just fine for all but 3 occasions: Church, weddings, and funerals. (anybody could tell you that these three events call for some special attention to one’s attire. Just jeans and a t-shirt wont cut it, you should also wear shoes and socks.) But since I am married things have changed: 1. one must be sure that the clothes that one is about to put on will not clash with, or distract from, any or all of the clothes that your wife may or may not be wearing. (note: no one, not even the wife knows for sure, what she will be wearing until she is walking out the door to leave) 2. The said clothes should have been washed in the past 14 days and by washed I’m talking about being washed by a professional using a washing machine. (contrary to what some of you bachelors might think, getting caught in a heavy rain storm does not constitute clean clothes.) 3. all clothes should be ironed and wrinkle free. (unless it is one of those new sissy shirts that comes from the factory, pre-wrinkled for effect. I’m told that this is a good kind of wrinkle.) 4. never wear white tennis shoes with cuffed dress pants. (the only correct way to wear tennis shoes with slacks is if they are knee length (the pants, not the shoes) and you are simultaneously wearing black knee high socks and you are over the age of 78 and you live in Florida.) If you would interview these men wondering around, looking like a sideshow for the local circus, you would find that they are simply reverting back to their old manner of dressing and have no evil intent whatsoever. What can we learn from all of this? Simply this: you can try to change a man (or any person for that matter) but when left alone long enough they will blissfully go right back to doing things exactly the way they have always wanted to, not caring at all what those around them may think.

So, to all those whom it may concern and to those who are just plain nosy, we made it back from Florida last week and for those of you that were stuck up here in the cold north, it was beautiful.  We had a couple days where the temp topped out at 83 and the AC actually felt good. 

Our trip was pretty much uneventful unless you consider that the first night we got a call informing us that our old yet faithful espresso machine was blowing off some steam (literally) and demanding some vacation time of its own.  Being the understanding, loving, kind and generous employers that we are, we finally relinquished to “her” wishes and gave “her” some personal time. (we don’t officially know the machine’s gender but if I would have to guess I would say its a female. Let’s just leave it at that)  She’s up and running again as of this past Wednesday and we hope that you were not inconvenienced beyond your tolerance zone.

Our planning for the expansion project is moving right along and we hope to be finished by late summer/early fall.  If you stop in and visit us after this point you will see our brand new Ambex coffee roaster in action.  And provided you aren’t too early in the morning you may also see our new “roast master” (yours truly) in action. (hopefully not running for the fire extinguisher!)  If you should happen to see me run out the front door with an empty extinguisher in each hand, for goodness sake, try to keep up!!

While we are on the subject, what is with all the stuff?  (OK so we weren’t on the subject but it’s hard to switch topics in midstream.  You have to keep things interesting if you expect other people such as yourself to waste time reading this rambling nonsense.  If your hands fall asleep while typing it must be boring!!)  Anyway we are in the process of settling into our new home and even though our new house is a lot bigger than our old house it is already filled with stuff.  If you look at my shop area you might think that it was the national headquarters for “garage salers anonymous” it is hard to believe I had all this junk squished into a one-car garage at our old place. Those of you who have moved recently probably know what I’m talking about.  You look around your house and say: “we don’t have that much stuff we’ll just ask a couple of our friends to come over and help us for half a day or so.”  Well 17.3 moving days later we still have more unopened boxes than we started out with.  It’s like they are reproducing.  So if you have misplaced some of your junk, I think I found it but don’t expect to get it back.  it’s going on Ebay, right back where you bought it from in the first place.

Well, my hands are starting to fall asleep so I’d better get off this 8 mile trip to nowhere and move along.