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Fall is here.

This time of year is always a bittersweet time for me. On one hand you have the beauty of all the autumn color and the cooling off after a normally hot late summer, but on the other hand you realize that it is time to say goodbye to summer and winter will be here soon.

Fall brings a lot of excitement as well, just close your eyes and you can smell the thanksgiving turkey ready for a large table of family and friends. You can hear the sounds of kids excited about Christmas and toys. You can feel the gentle brush of snowflakes on your nose and see a beautiful large whitetail buck ready to step into a cut corn field as the giant orange sun is slipping under the horizon.

It is time to winterize the pool and put away the mower, stack up the lawn furniture in a corner of the garage and move the bikes back into storage. It is a good idea to get the snowblower tuned up and make sure you have your driveway stakes planted solidly.

I always love fall but it is tough to say goodbye to the long warm days of summer. It is hard to take the time to enjoy the season we are in. It is human nature to focus on the negative aspects of our current situation and forget to be thankful for the positive.

LORD, help me to see the beauty of your faithfulness every day wherever I’m at…


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