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April fool’s day on April 2nd.

So, last night we decided to be @ church early this morning (9:00) because I had to set up a small presentation to solicit helpers for vbs coming up in June.  Well our morning was going as planned and we were almost ready to go when the phone rings: our dear friend,

Rita wanted to know if we are planning on coming to church. The youth are sitting there waiting for their SS teacher.  It was in reality 9:50 not 8:50 like we thought.  At first I thought someone was trying to prank us with an April fools joke a day late but then to my horror, I remembered some stupid thing about changing our time and stuff. So after church we came home and changed some clocks. 

Now this brings up some questions: 1. I heard it called daylight SAVINGS time, but when I changed our clocks I couldn’t help but notice that I lost an hour. So where did this hour go? 2. is it the same hour everyone else lost?  3. do all these lost hours go into some warehouse and then do we get them back in the fall like everyone tells me? Also, if I set my clock “forward” why is it one hour later? Well, as u can tell this has been a very stressful day for me.

Until next time…

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  1. oh my my my. not another hoosier who can’t figure out DST. actually, yes, you will get your hour back this fall, although i haven’t personally seen the warehouse. but if you think about it, it is called DAYLIGHT savings time, not HOUR savings time. if you still can’t figure it out, let me know. i’d be glad to do a longer more detailed lecture.thanks for the laughs. again.

  2. sigh, i cant believ hoosierville has succumbed to the peer pressures of its surrounding ‘hicktown’ states… what can we say? also could you remind your other half about the shower gift? thanks and hav a good’n..

  3. Thanks for the free entertainment on such a gloomy sunday….  it was great hanging out with you guys and your little big girl!  If I can ever be of assistance again,,  I’ll take my opportunities.  Keep turning over that new leaf!

  4. i think we should go on strike……it  should not be called Daylight Savings Time…who’s the retard who thought up that one…really, i’d like to know….cause we’re not “saving” anything!!

  5. yes, I like to think Logan takes after his Dad:) Kind of a bummer that you guys change time because now we will never have the same time as IN.   You’re little girl looks so much like Debra’s younger bro & sis. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  She’s a cutie.

  6. the only reason i have a site is because i wanted to leave comment, so you wont be seeing an updates on my site except maybe some exotic pic after i’ve been to exotic places 🙂

  7. Hey! So good to find your site. Your girl is so big already!! And schnuck! Your post cracked me up. I’ve always been annoyed with DST, even though I’ve lived in the east 3 years! Hope you all have recovered from the lost hour!

  8. Another person I know on xanga! Great! WELCOME TO XANGA a bit belatedly.
    I enjoyed reading your posts…

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