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Everything you wanted to know about gas prices and more.

Well, I give up.  Yes you win.  But you have to promise that you will stop bugging me.  I am, after all a very busy man and I don’t have a lot of time to do all this research so you had better appreciate it!!  Here goes:  THE REAL REASON(S) FOR RISING GAS PRICES.  You can’t avoid hearing people talk about the cost of gas these days so lets just get all the facts out in the open so we can all go back to our normal lives and talk about more uplifting topics.  Such as: ND football, fishing, bull fighting, and roses to name a few.  Anyway, here are a few reasons that I came up with after a long research session (approximately 14 minutes).

# 1. aliens.  Yes you heard me. Alien spies have reported to the mother ship that we are wasting all the natural resources. So they are trying to find a way to slow down the oil usage so that when they take over our planet, it will still be worth something.

#2. the bicycle industry.  Sure, go ahead and laugh but tell me honestly, you haven’t thought of buying a new bicycle to ride to work and thereby offset some of your gas expenses. If you did buy a bicycle who would profit from it?

#3.  inflation vs deflation.  According to the SSFFOABON (scientific system for figuring out a bunch of numbers) chart of 2003 (which can be found of page 258 of “economics for dummies”) inflation is occurring at a very rapid rate.  If studied for several minutes a pattern emerges: it seems that the cost of “stuff” is going up at exactly the same time that the value of the dollar is going down.  If you have ever talked to an “old person”, you will soon learn that back in the “good old days” you could buy things for a lot less money.  (Things you could buy for less than $15.00: a living room couch, a meal at a restaurant for a family of 13, a farm, a cow, and the list goes on.)  My point is this: things cost a lot less but they also earned a lot less.  How does this all apply to today’s topic?  Gas prices have gone  up, but so has the price of your average cow or farm so DEAL WITH IT!!!

OK I’m finished ranting so have a very wonderful evening!!

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  1. Hey you! It was good to hear from ya…well, at least one of you…lol…hope everythings goin good @ the shop…don’t know how you guys are surviving without me….I  miss making coffee…i could really use a frappe right about now….(sigh)

  2. thanks, that helps so much to understand the high price of gas, and it’s so sad that we are wasting so much natural resources, i for one, want the planet to be clean, so i will be slowing down on the wasting, i think it would help if i only take a shower once a week. what do you think?

  3.  Coming to you live from Nappanee…
    Breaking News Bulletin from Main Street Coffee House:    Sharp Drop in Baked Oatmeal Sales!! Employees mystified.
        Authorities report spring planting to be the alleged cause of this decrease in sales. Further report shows a decline of orange juice sales as well, now this is not as prominent as the Baked Oats, but still a baffling mystery. “I just don’t understand it,” reports a puzzled employee. “We sell at least a 16oz serving less than normal every day.” And while these two areas continue to undergo investigation, we are happy to report the business is surviving and will remain an awesome-great-fantastic-fun place to go.

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