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Hi everyone. life has been extemely busy for us the last while, and my husband

hasnt had a chance to update… so I thought i’d share a few pics to let you know what

we’ve been up to….Debra

Dawson and Hailey staying cool -memorial day

the newest member of our family, Samantha. She is dearly loved by Hailey.

greta and hailey @ club

at my cousins wedding last weekend


and just last night…. happy birthday marcus!!!  I value my life too much

to say which birthday it is  but go ahead and guess !!! – Debra

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  1. Harrr let me guess,,,, 22? 🙂 Nice pictures,,,, I’d say your privledged to live with such cuties… I’m talking Hailey & the cat.

  2.    Happy belated 31st birthday!!And no I don’t fear for my life,his smile looks way to kind.Or is that a cover-up?Should I be going into hiding……….

  3. Super update, Debra! I’ve been waiting for one for a long time. They always crack me up. Don’t get me wrong this one has a little different effect. lol. Very cute pics. I cannot believe Dwson is that big already. Thats amazing. Have a wonderful one. eden

  4. Hey Marcus, Debra, and Hailey!  I miss you guys so much!  It was so good to see you guys last weekend!  I hope everything is going splendidly for you guys!  love ya!!

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