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Proud Papa

Hey, he is finally here!!!  We have waited, and waited for this moment for what seems like only a few short years.  Has it really only been 9 months? OK not this exact moment maybe (when you read this) but the moment that Carson Andrew Miller was born: 2/9/07-9:18 pm.  So, here are a few pics of the little guy. 








note: you may have seen these pics on other xanga sites but this is the official Hailey&Carson site so please disregard any and all previous posts on this matter.  We hope to fully prosecute all of these “pirate” sites.  (One even claimed to be his aunt.)  Thank you for your cooperation.  “the management” p.s. here is another official site:

another note: please excuse all the smileys, they are kinda’ fun.


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