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Proud Papa

Hey, he is finally here!!!  We have waited, and waited for this moment for what seems like only a few short years.  Has it really only been 9 months? OK not this exact moment maybe (when you read this) but the moment that Carson Andrew Miller was born: 2/9/07-9:18 pm.  So, here are a few pics…

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Well, we made it back from FL yesterday and I was sitting here at my desk, looking through some of the pics i took and thought: why not share a few? So here ya go:  My little angel… Momma, Daddy, Hailey, and……Sometimes we can’t see the other shore, but we have faith it’s there.  

Kids | Photography | Travel

Hi everyone. life has been extemely busy for us the last while, and my husband hasnt had a chance to update… so I thought i’d share a few pics to let you know what we’ve been up to….Debra Dawson and Hailey staying cool -memorial day the newest member of our family, Samantha. She is dearly…