“Don’t Believe everything you read on the internet”

-Abraham Lincoln

Thank you for visiting my site, this is a very informal space for me to vent my crazy ideas, views, and ramblings. Don’t expect the goodest grammar or spelling, and if you see something you don’t like, keep it to yourself and “move on”. I don’t have time for nay-sayers…

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Public Restrooms

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I hate public restrooms. Public restrooms should be avoided at all cost. (Well, almost, all cost.) Let’s just take a look at the definition of the word: Public: 1 open…

Cell Phones and Selfies

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Ok,  this is very embarrassing for me but I’ll come clean and confess: “I have used a Selfie Stick”. “There, I said it, are you happy?”  If you are like me,…
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A “non” carving project

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In Oct of 2019, Debra mentioned that she had an idea for Christmas gifts for all of her sisters. Her idea was to get cheese boards made with a family…